St. Albert Summit Dental Centre

Patient Resources & FAQ

patient resources faq

We recognize that our patients deserve to have the most up to date information to guide their individual treatment and be informed throughout the entire process of care. Below is a compiled list of downloadable PDFs that outline different instructions as well as products that we work with in the office. These forms are provided for information and education purposes only. Please use these for your benefit and contact our office if you have any additional questions.

  • Post-Appointment Instructions for Dental Cleaning - PDF
  • Post-Appointment Instructions for Fillings - PDF
  • Post-Appointment Instructions for Extractions - PDF
  • Instructions for New Dentures - PDF
  • Instructions for New Immediate Dentures - PDF
  • How Do I Care for My New Dentures? - PDF
  • How Do I Care for My Acrylic Orthodontic Appliance? - PDF
  • Instructions for a Twin Block Appliance - PDF
  • Instructions for Crowns & Bridges - PDF
  • What do I do if my Temporary Crown breaks or comes off? - PDF