Twin Block Appliance


The Twin Block is designed so that every time you move your jaw you activate the appliance (forces you to close in a protruded position). This activation exerts gentle pressures on the teeth and dental arches and stimulates the growth of the lower jaw. It also retrains the jaw muscles to function with the lower jaw forward.

For the best results, the Twin Block orthodontic appliance should be worn at all times. The Twin Block appliance is to be worn when eating, because this is when the jaw muscles are most active and makes the appliance work the best.

Brush or rinse your appliance after every meal.

The Twin Block appliance may be removed only when: 1. Brushing your teeth and cleaning the appliance. 2. Engaging in active sports. 3. Soaking the appliance



Your mouth will feel full and your speech may be affected. With practice the speech will improve and the appliance won’t feel so cumbersome. You can practice speaking by reading out loud.


You might have excess saliva. With time, this will diminish.


The appliance may press on the gums and cause a lesion or sore. If this occurs, call the office as soon as possible.

Tenderness on the teeth that the appliance “grabs” on to. If it is mild discomfort, keep wearing the appliance. The discomfort should go away in 3 to 4 days. If it does not go away or becomes more intense, call the office.

Soreness or fatigue in jaw muscles. Continue to wear the appliance and the soreness should subside as your muscles get trained. Ibuprofen or Tylenol may taken to relieve symptoms. Follow the instructions on the bottle for information as to how often to take these medications. If soreness persists or becomes too much to handle, the appliance may be taken out periodically for short periods of time. Gradually increase the amount of time wearing the appliance so that within 2 weeks you are wearing the appliance 24 hours a day.